Amber Heard Vamps It Up With A Dark Lip

If you ever want to wear pink florals but are afraid of looking like a pretty little princess, then pay close attention. Amber Heard attended the MAC and Vogue Celebrate Giambattista Valli dinner on Thursday in Los Angeles, and Heard's Giambattista Valli dress had all the pretty goodness you would expect from the designer. But it wasn't necessarily the talking point of her look.

The Giambattista Couture pink floral dress was ladylike and elegant — but as we know, that isn't always Amber's comfort zone. She likes to keep a bit of an edge to her style, so rather than let the dress overpower her, she kept it raw and undone with her hair and make-up. From her brooding dark lipstick to her loose, messy topknot, the actress managed to make the feminine frock look edgy, and she looked absolutely stunning in the process. And, just to shake things up a bit, she even had striped underwear visible through her skirt. Well, it certainly brought a hint of drama to the outfit.

So the takeaway — pink doesn't always have to turn you into a barbie doll. With some messy hair and striking make-up, even the most lady-like can become urban cool.

Images: Getty Images; celebsphotosss/Twitter