Ariana Grande Wore a Gorgeous Slip to The AMAs

by Arielle Dachille

Over the course of our relatively short relationship with her, we've become well-acquainted enough with Ariana Grande's red carpet style to establish an algorithm for her ensembles: minidresses and/or skirts with thigh-high boots + half-up hairstyle potentially accessorized with cat ears = Grande-brand kawaii. Tonight, Ariana Grande's AMA outfit is shattered the bedrock of our theory in an elegant lingerie-inspired dress. In Grande's own words: this is the part where she breaks free, 'cause she can't resist it no more... and such....

At the American Music Awards red carpet, the Break Free singer performed a medley in a black lace slip. In the non-verbal language of fashion, this look is screaming: I am a grown-up, guys!! Beauty-wise, Grande opted to style her otherworldly mane in her archetypal half-up, although it was noticeably lower than usual. You know, cause maturity and such. She's looking so gorgeous, I'm sure she'll be cool with her right side getting photographed from any angle.

I will beat around the bush no longer, kids. Here she is, in all of her glory! WERK like the rent is due tomorrow, baby love. Plus, no cat ears! As an aside, I'm sure Big Sean's verdict on the outfit was "YASSS!!"