She Really Looks Like Rihanna

There are people who have gone great lengths to become a look-alike. There's the Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova who is in every sense a human Barbie. There's the woman who got plastic surgery to look exactly like Kim Kardashian. And there's this guy, who can literally transform himself into any celebrity he wants to be for the day. Although these few have undergone mounds of makeup and surgeries, Andele Lara, who just so happens to look like Rihanna, is as natural as a doppelgänger can get.

Twenty-two-year-old Lara is a celebrity of her own kind. In an interview with Daily Mail she says that she is swarmed by screaming fans every time she steps outside. From anecdotes about driving to work to going clubbing with friends, Lara says the attention is never-ending. "I do think the attention I get is cool but there have been some scary occasions when some super-fans have followed me on my way to work everyday," she says in the interview. But it all seems to be paying off.

The RiRi look-alike has 25,000 followers on her Instagram page and gained more than $20,000 in clothing contracts in the the past year. She also gets into clubs for free complemented by free drinks. One time while out, she just so happened to be at the same club as Chris Brown and people apparently stood in awe the entire night.

Even the real Bad Girl RiRi herself has taken notice. Lara says someone mistakingly posted her picture on a Rihanna fan page and Rihanna commented "OH?"; but she says that's the closest the pop star has came to acknowledging her. Just because Rihanna doesn't pay her any mind, the scores of fans who flock to her Instagram page and outside her front door are more appear to be enough. She might not want to make this a full-time career, but if Rihanna ever needs a stunt double, I'm sure she knows who to call.

NOTE: In the time it took me to write this post, Lara went from 24,000 followers to 25,000.

Images: andelelara/Instagram