21 Nasty Gal Items For Your Thanksgiving Outfit

Oh, Nasty Gal: with your Vintage Chanel, #FreeTheNipple bags, clear platform sandals and now, a new store in Melrose. You are known, loved and [sometimes] even shamed for your kick ass, oftentimes absurd and bizarre fashion and accessories -- and you have been on all our minds recently. Whilst my biggest qualm with you is that your size range is still minimal and not very fat-friendly, this fact has never stopped me from finding something to call my own on your website: my own little slice of bedazzled, cropped, sliced, platformed, furry goodness. You're too peculiar not to love. And so, dear Nasty Gal, I think you are the perfect place to do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping at.

OK -- so that's my love letter to Nasty Gal, with an added observation on size inclusivity, of course. Overall, I love the brand. I love its creeper platforms and its faux fur pillbox hats and its mermaid handbags. So much so that I don't mind buying their stuff in a size large and doing my best to stretch it out (something I always recommend because it's actually not that difficult -- not to mention that so much of their stuff is oversized) -- or, conversely, focusing on its shoes and accessories to spice up literally any outfit. So much of the focus on Thanksgiving goes on the food (as it should), and one would hope on the actually giving thanks for something part, but that's no reason to forget that its an optimal time to show off all your fall fashion favs.

All that being said, I (like so many hopeless others) am a last minute shopper. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries... you name it. I will buy things on the evening before the event in question, and ship them overnight for an extortionate fee. I will head to the mall with an hour to spare before a big birthday party, and run like a frenzied nutter through the aisles. Planning a Thanksgiving outfit five whole days before Thanksgiving is actually a really memorable occasion for me, and so, I figured I'd try to help some of you, too. With Nasty Gal's assistance, obviously. Because they have loads of, erm, festive items for the turkey day.

Because Lily van der Woodsen (Or was it Bass? Or Humphrey?):

Gael Gold Lamé Two-Piece Set, $78,

If you're keeping it casual:

That's All Folks Sweatshirt, $120,

If you're keeping it glam:

Shed a Tier Lace Dress, $98,

Carrie Bradshaw circa Carrie Diaries:

Constellate Sequin Shift Dress, $88,

If you want to let your inner princess shine:

Night Dazzler Faux Fur Jacket Ivory, $98,

Because you love mermaids:

At Midnight Sequin Tee Dress, $68,

Because you're bringing back bell bottoms:

What the Bell, $98,

The leather midi:

Joa Tara Vegan Leather Skirt, $88,

Because that color:

Glamorous Fur Lines Faux Fur Jacket, $150,

Comfort [for all the eating!]:

Glisten Up Sequin Sweatshirt, $88,

Taste the rainbow:

UNIF Hendrix Cardigan, $178,

80s talk show host:

Critical Digital Waffle-Knit Sweater, $58,

For the love of metallics:

Jeffrey Campbell Perplex Box Leather Platform, $190,

IDK, but they just seem right:

Jeffrey Campbell Jovie Leather Wedge in Silver, $155,

Because creepers are still amazing:

T.U.K. Mondo Velvet Creeper in Green, $75,


Eugenia Kim Therese Hat in Black, $265,

A statement lip:

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Serpentina, $18,

Moon goddess:

Moonstruck Metallic Headband, $18,

A furry blarf:

Faux Fur Scarf in White, $65,

Take a picture:

Ashlyn'd Cameron Acrylic Crossbody Bag, $506,

Because, actually, you are a mermaid:

Shelling Out Bag, $45,

And now, I leave you to do all that last minute shopping. Always remember to select two-day or overnight shipping!