Frankie Grande Wore Body Paint to The AMAs, Guys

You may have done a double take when you saw Big Brother houseguest and pop star sibling Frankie Grande on the AMA red carpet. Just to confirm, your first reaction was correct. Grande was not wearing a real shirt. Frankie Grande wore body paint to the AMA's. I repeat, that sensible button-down was shirtlessness in the clothing of a sensible button-down. As an aside, HOLY abs!

At the American Music Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles, Grande showed up clad in a pair of carnation pink jeans and some torso artwork. At first glance, you may think "Well, that's just the tightest shirt that ever clung to a pair of erect nipples." BUT NO! It is a work of art on the person of Ariana Grande's brother. From the pink bowtie, to the expert levels of shading, this is one convincing fake piece of clothing. It's business in the front, party also in the front, on the sides, and in the back.

Consider this momentarily: know how those tuxedo t-shirts that slackers wear to thumb their noses at the pretentiousness of wearing a suit? Grande's faux-shirt surpasses a move like that. He's making fun of formal wear that is making fun of formal wear. Yeah. Everyone can go home. Frankie Grande just won the red carpet.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images