The Magic of Kylie Jenner's AMA Dress

It's no secret by this point that Kylie Jenner is stealing a lot of hearts. It's not just because she's the half sister of our favorite Kardashian's, or because Jenner's lips are beautiful (even when she's not wearing makeup). The truth is, she's part of the new wave of social media modeling, and we millennials love celebs who are "just like us" -- from the ruthless selfie-ing to the obsessive Instagram updating. And because we know Kylie Jenner's fashion usually hovers in the blissful medium of grunge and glam, we couldn't wait to see what she'd wear on tonight's red carpet.

Jenner basically took burgundy to new levels, from her lipstick to her nails to her gown. And this Alexandre Vauthier dress manages to be ridiculously sexy, whilst still keeping things classy -- her turquoise, dip-dyed hair only adding to the appeal. So in other words, it achieves that ideal and coveted look so many of us wish we could pull off! The deep tone of this [very] low-cut gown is just perfect for fall. I mean, just look at her -- holding that perfectly color-coordinated rose like she's some kind of magical princess. Because she kind of is. It's stunning, truly.

So often, celebs go for extremes: classic, traditional grace versus outlandish and totally-bonkers-whatever (see Lady Gaga's meat suit, circa 2010). But Jenner is floating somewhere in the middle tonight -- perfecting chic and sexy minimalism and reminding us that this reality star is definitely going to be worth keeping an eye on. What do you guys think? Too sexy (wait, is there such a thing?) or just right?