Heidi Klum's AMA Outfit Didn't Hit The Mark

In my eyes, the first lady of Project Runway can do no wrong. Anyone who has an issue with that opinion can take it up with me on Twitter. However, Heidi Klum's AMA outfit was a rather interesting number, but I'm not sure how I entirely feel about it. While I typically have an unadulterated love for both two-pieces and Heidi Klum, sometimes too much of a good thing can backfire.

At the red carpet for the American Music Awards, the supermodel showed up in a sonehow incongruous-looking matching set. The ensemble has great bones, because its essentially a bandeau top with tube skirt. A single powder-pink sequin strap on her top, with a matching asymmetrical accent on her skirt just kinda threw the whole look off for me. Iunno. I just can't explain, guys. I just expect more from her. In my opinion, this is Versace gone real wrong.

Unlike Frankie Grande's ensemble, it's not bonkers enough for me to celebrate, but it's not elegant enough for me to marvel at. I must say, that is quite a rectangular cutout happening at the hem of her skirt. Hey, I mean, if you're Heidi Klum, why not? You do you. Even if you manage to fumble your two-piece game, you'll never hear an of wiedersehen from me.