Kendall Jenner Wore a Tapestry to the AMAs

Most sisers elect to have their girls' nights out at The Cheesecake Factory, but the Kardashians made it abundantly clear to us that they aren't like us layfolk. As if we weren't already well aware of that fact. The Kardashian sisters had a "sisters' night out" at the American Music Awards and Kendall Jenner's AMA outfit was kind of a wash. Or, wait... did she drop her last name and she's just Kendall, now?

The Kardashian sister showed up at the red carpet of the American Music Awards in a slightly confounding dress. It involved a pair of boy shorts, a sarong fashioned of patchwork eyelet lace, and an extreme center-front slit. If I have anything to remark about her beauty, she looks more like Kris Jenner tonight more than ever. Perhaps it's the makeup? Maybe her posture? Conclusively, all I can say is that if I were an annoying family friend, I would badger her endlessly about how much of a dead ringer she is for mom. Maybe it's all that free Estee Lauder makeup, guys... As Giuliana basically said in so many words: "Mom makeup, amirite?!"

Without further ado, here's Kendall, professional wearer of clothes, in her perforated beach cover-up. Feast your eyes!