Lucy Hale's Vintage-Inspired AMAs Dress

From the moment we saw her in Pretty Little Liars back in 2010, Lucy Hale was instantly a "thing." Her big eyes, jaw-dropping complexion, contagious smile and ability to act beautifully in a teen drama have made her one of the most beloved millennials out there. Unlike a lot of young stars, she's always seemed to keep her private life private -- she's seemed to maintain a level of grounded-ness that seems almost impossible in the celebrity world. And every time she's graced the cover of a magazine -- be it in Lucky, Seventeen, Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan -- we've gotten a taste of her style: the sweetheart look coated in Peter Pan collars and floral skater dresses and frilled crop tops. So what has Hale worn to tonight's AMAs, you might ask?

This 20's-inspired dress is so flapper-tastic it's almost too much. Too much cute, that is. Everything from the frilled hem to her dark red, Lorde-style lipstick makes you want to place her straight into a speakeasy (and don't get me started on her new hairdo). Hale has preserved, through her five-year career (10, technically, but we've mainly known her for five), a sense of respectability and grace. For a 20-something, she's just put together. And this impeccable ensemble is yet another example of said fact.