Emma's Eternal Question: Blonde or Redhead?

Where were you when you found out Emma Stone was a natural blonde? I think I was in the library on my way home from after school orchestra rehearsal, reading a copy of Seventeen Magazine that I was too embarrassed to ask for a subscription to (that's me in a nutshell, basically). As far as I can remember, the news broke somewhere between her star turn in Superbad and her early career-appearance in The House Bunny, and it kind of rocked the world. I mean, the most lovable, girl-next-door, redhead was actually a blonde? It was a big deal in its day, and it's still something that follows her career like a wayward ghost.

This morning, a fan-run Instagram account I happen to follow, posted an image of her looking fetchingly platinum, accompanied with the million-dollar (perhaps literally, if you take her recent per-film salary into consideration) question: "Blonde or redhead?"

It's always been a very divisive issue, one that's made headlines more than once — remember the public outcry when it turned out that she was playing Gwen Stacy (as opposed to famed redhead Mary Jane Watson) in the new Spider-Man reboot? But then, we all ended up loving the very-blonde Gwen Stacy, so some hearts were swayed into the platinum camp. It's been quite the tumultuous journey, following Stone's hair color du jour: So let's decide once and for all.


Francois Durand/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


  • Blonde Emma is quintessentially modern.
  • She gets a bad rap for looking washed out, but on the contrary, sometimes a good platinum really makes her look striking.
  • Case in point: RED LIPSTICK (also, see: orange lipstick).
  • Basically, her ability to wear neon brights (on her face, and off) is pretty much unparalleled.


  • The aforementioned washed out-ness.
  • Some say she looks less unique, and she's not quite as recognizable as the Emma we know and love.


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  • Now, don't burn me at the stake for saying this, but she doesn't rock red lipstick quite as well with auburn strands.
  • The above buttercup yellow dress notwithstanding, bright colors can be more of a challenge.

OK, before I started writing this, I was pretty sure I was staunchly in the red hair camp. But I do love a well-deployed neon, and her crazy lip colors as a blonde might just have me convinced. What do you think?

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