Get a Sneak Peek of Milly x Kohls (It's Great)

Winter is just beginning and I'm already excited about spring. No, it's not because I hate the cold (although that's true, too). It's because spring is when Milly for Kohl's hits shelves and, thanks to a sneak peek on Instagram, my closet couldn't be more ready.

Inspired by a recent trip to Capri, Milly designer Michelle Smith created a cheerful line tops, dresses, skirts, accessories, and even some children's wear for the inexpensive retailer. “The colors are all derived from the island,” Smith told InStyle at a press preview of the collection. "The Mediterranean Sea is so gorgeous, so there is a lot of cobalt, beautiful blues and pinks and florals.”

She took over the CFDA Instagram account for one day last week in order to give users a preview of the collection, which is due out in April. After a glimpse of these images I can officially say that I am SO OVER winter and it hasn't even started yet. I need some of these Milly stripes and florals in my life, ASAP.

If you plan on enjoying the next five months of cold weather, I suggest you don't scroll down for a look at this adorable line of clothing. Go bake some Christmas cookies and look at sweaters on Pinterest instead. For the rest of you:

Does anyone else feel like this collection was designed with Taylor Swift in mind? There's not a belly button in sight!