She And Choupette Are On A Glam Vogue Brazil Cover

by Alexa Tucker

There's only one thing more exciting than opening your mailbox to your favorite magazine: Opening your mailbox to your favorite magazine and being treated to a stunning cover, too. I imagine fans of Vogue Brazil will be experiencing this joy very soon as they snag their favorite glossy to find Gisele Bündchen and Choupette on the December cover looking girly and glamourous. The shoot was photographed by none other than the famous feline's owner, Karl Lagerfeld.

The '60s-inspired cover features a close-up shot of the supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel cradling an apparently nonchalant Choupette. Bündchen's hair is teased to a pretty incredible height, and her bold eye makeup is mod-esque — big, defined lashes and two eyeliners (white eyeliner on the inner rims, black underneath) make her eyes the focal point of the image (besides Her Royal Highness, Choupette, of course.)

This obviously isn't Bündchen's first time at the high-fashion rodeo, but it's not Choupette's either: she covered Vogue in the Kaiser's native Germany last summer with Linda Evangelista.

One of my favorite Lagerfeld quotes is, "Choupette is the most beautiful cat in the world. I am like a parent in saying that." I'm pretty sure the rest of the world will agree with that statement now, too. So pristine and fluffy! (Side note: I kind of wish I had a needlepoint canvas of that quote, and a needlepoint of Choupette right next to it.)

I've been known to hang onto magazines with beautiful covers and even frame them, so I'm a little bit disappointed this isn't American Vogue. Take note, creative directors: a gorgeous supermodel plus a famous pet might be a can't-go-wrong formula. Take a look:

Here's the photograph by itself:

Images: Instagram/@choupettesdiary; @giseleofficial