Hannah's Nails Are The Best

With Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, fashion and beauty junkies are scrambling to get their last minute festive manicures. From tiny turkeys, to mini painted foliage, to solid, rich fall colors, Thanksgiving-inspired nail art is the hot menu at nail salons right now. Fashion and beauty entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman got her nails done this week, too, but her mani isn't something you'll be likely to find on your Thanksgiving table. Maybe seated under it, though. Bronfman got booty nails. And they are basically the best thing ever.

The 26-year-old New Yorker posted a photograph to Instagram of her new manicure, and it's filled with ten pretty hot bootys. I mean, Iggy and J.Lo need to get on this, stat. I bet they could even get some modeled after their video. Now that would be legit.

The fitness enthusiast and co-founder of the Beautified app is a known champion of strong, healthy women, so her body positive nail art is not surprising by any means. It's refreshing to see a celebrity routinely send positive messages about women's bodies via their social media (have you seen her insane workouts?girl is hardcore), booty nails included. Also, they're just really really really freaking cool.

Images: Getty Images; hannahbronfman/Instagram