Kendall Jenner Has 3 (!!) New Magazine Covers

Kendall Jenner is killing the game right now, there is no doubt about that. Quickly climbing to superstardom levels of models like Cara Delenvigne, Kendall is booking gig after gig, and it doesn't seem she'll be slowing down anytime soon. After JUST being featured in The New York Times Style Section, Kendall Jenner covers Dazed magazine for their Winter 2014 edition three times. Yep, you read that correctly: We get three different covers of the model looking as high-fashion as ever.

The collection of covers features Jenner in an intergalactic meets '60s mod vibe, a look we haven't quite seen from her before. Atop the stunning imagery lays a slogan reading "Kendall Jenner changing the face of fashion" — how fitting, considering she literally is the face of fashion right now. Just look around: Kendall's modeling for Karl Lagerfeld, repping Estee Lauder, plus basically ruled all of fashion month this fall.

The first look dresses Kendall in futuristic designs with bold geometric shapes, loud colors and complete with a helmet-like headpiece, while the second look is totally black and white, reminiscent of the 60's Twiggy days. Her last cover combines the two concepts in a mashup of faces, playing up the idea that she is "changing the face of fashion". To be totally honest, it's pretty cool and probably my favorite of her recent fashion feats. Check out the looks below.