Brooklyn Beckham Got Pierced At Claire's

David and Victoria Beckham are one of my favorite Hollywood couples. Aside from being genetically perfect, they just seem to be so laid-back, not to mention the coolest parents. If I didn't love them enough, David and Victoria took son Brooklyn Beckham to get his first ear piercing at Claire's Accessories in Westfield, London.

What would you do if a family of Beckhams suddenly showed up at your local Claire's? According to The Daily Mail, "the store went crazy." Well, obviously. The famous family supposedly made a strategic entrance, with Brooklyn and David entering through the back while Victoria and Romeo came in through the front. They didn't even ask the store to close down for them! I am falling more and more in love with them. The Beckhams have always appeared to be a tight-knit family, but this recent outing to support Brooklyn's change of appearance is just too adorable to handle.

Brooklyn, 16, seems to be following in his (gorgeous) father's footsteps. Daddy Beckham has been rocking his own pair of ear studs for years, and appears to be the inspiration for his son's recent body modification. According to The Daily Mail, Brooklyn picked out the most expensive earring, but Victoria told him to go down a size so it wasn't too blingy. This kid hit the jackpot having a soccer star dad and a mom with a keen eye for style. What are the chances the Beckhams will adopt me? (Hey, a girl can dream).