Her Skechers Campaign Is All About Body Confidence

My favorite thing about Demi Lovato (besides her incredible voice) is her drive to advocate for change when it comes to the way people view their bodies. It seems like in everything she does she's trying to convey a message of acceptance and self-love, and her latest campaign for sneaker company Skechers is no different. In a behind-the-scenes look at her global campaign for the shoe brand, which launches on December 1, Demi explains that everyone's different, and your shoes should reflect that.

In the preview for the commercial, which will give viewers a look at what the singer's day-to-day life is like, Demi says, "I just want women to be accepted the way that their bodies are, whether that's thin, curvy... it's OK to be yourself."

“Being a role model is extremely important to me. Growing up, I didn’t have many people in the public eye to look to, saying ‘it’s ok to be yourself.’ I’ve learned to embrace my body and who I am. You are more beautiful and powerful when you carry yourself with confidence," she said in a press release.

Who knew a campaign for a memory foam sneaker could carry such an important message? Keep doing your thing, Demi.

Image: Courtesy of Skechers