Rats Are Taking Over the 'Vogue' Fashion Closet

What does the subway have in common with Vogue 's new office? They are both crawling with rats! Sorry to ruin your pre-Thanksgiving appetite. Last Friday, Gawker reported that Vogue 's new digs at 1 World Trade Center were rat-infested, and it seems the problem is only getting worse.

According to Gawker's sources, there are so many rats swarming the Vogue offices on the 25th and 26th floors of the building (click through for a handy map of 1WTC provided by New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer) that Anna Wintour herself refuses to set foot inside until her office has been officially cleared of rodents. Radar Online reported that the rats got in through vents that are still under construction due to some last-minute changes requested by Wintour herself.

As if the image of these fuzzy critters running amok throughout the most stylish office in the world wasn't hilarious enough, there's more: the rats found their way into the magazine's fashion closet and are having a field day pooping on handbags and gnawing on couture. Does that not sound like the delightful plot of Disney's latest animated film?

"The famed accessories closet, which was being put together with the designer wares from the old office, was taking shape when the rats got into it,” a source told Radar. “There were droppings all over the floor, and some of the shoe boxes had been chewed into.”

Ewwww. As much as I love reading Vogue, I find the concept of rats running loose throughout the office, leaving droppings wherever they please, perversely satisfying. It's just too perfect, almost as if Harper's Bazaar staffers decided to play a little joke on their fellow fashion authorities (they definitely didn't, I just made that up).

Too bad the rats don't realize how lucky they are when they're cozying up with some Jimmy Choos in the accessories closet. A million girls would certainly kill for that job, indeed!

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