Their Christmas Wishlist Is Insane

I'm really glad I don't have any celebrities on my Christmas shopping list this (or any) holiday season. The Olsen twins shared their wish list with ELLE magazine, and boy is it ridiculous. Like jewel-encrusted-cigarette-lighter ridiculous.

"We picked pieces that could be purchased for both men and women," Ashley told ELLE. "The holiday season can be hectic," added Mary-Kate. "We wanted to create a peaceful space for our clients to do all of their holiday shopping at once." How thoughtful! Too bad the items probably don't translate well to the average person's budget. I think I'll stick to my original plan of hitting up the outdoor winter markets at Union Square and Bryant Park in New York City.

So what counts as a December must-have in Olsen land? There's a vintage gold and ruby lighter from the fine jewelry brand Van Cleef & Arpels, a set of Cartier playing cards if you're too good for the $5 ones they sell at CVS, a bundle of smudge sticks from Palo Santo for all your witchy needs (might I suggest hitting up Free People's Spirituality Shop instead?), and cashmere scarves and leather belts from The Row.

All six of the items are available for purchase at The Row's L.A. flagship store in case you want to shop like a child star turned fashion designer this Christmas. But be forewarned: The goodies are listed as "Price Upon Request," which, as Refinery 29's Liza Darwin acknowledges, is normally code for "way more than you can afford."

I wonder what Michelle Tanner would have to say about all this?

Image: Giphy