Tina Knowles Reflects on DC's Most Iconic Looks

No group embodies the late 1990s and early 2000s quite like Destiny's Child, and a huge part of that was their style. No one worked crop tops and embellished jeans like they did, and that was all thanks to one integral behind-the-scenes member of the group: Designer Tina Knowles, otherwise known as Beyonce's mom. Queen B's mom was responsible for dressing the threesome for appearances, performances and everything in between, and in an interview with Yahoo! Style, Tina reflected on the group's past hits (and not of the musical variety.)

In a game of "Timeless, Time Warp, or Time to Hide," the interviewer brought up some of the ladies' most iconic ensembles, to which Tina responded by assigning each look to one of the categories. She didn't pick "Time to Hide" once, saying that most of the outfits were just appropriate for the time (hence, the "Time Warp" option.) I agree with her on most points, but I do have to differ with her on one major style: the waistband-less jeans. She said timeless. I would say the worst thing ever.

I'll leave it up to you to decide, though. Buckle up — we know Thursday's not till tomorrow, but you're in for a serious throwback right now.