19 Seriously Cute Thanksgiving And Fall Inspired Manicures on Instagram... Because, You Know, Having "Fingers In Many Pies" Is Important

I love nail art. As someone with a stash of approximately 150 bottles of nail polish (I have been a collector of sorts for quite some time), I find nail art not only adorable, expressive and fun, but also a great way to justify owning all of the colors I never get to use!

Although I am British and don't celebrate Thanksgiving, I decided to get into the festive spirit of this fourth Thursday of November. The end result: finding you the cutest holiday manicures Instagram has to offer. You can find even more using the hashtags #thanksgivingnails or #thanksgivingmani if you need further seasonal inspo!

Some of these manicures definitely seem possible to recreate. Others... not so much.

by Sarah Martindale

Fall-Inspired Water Marble

Golden Leaves

Detailed Thanksgiving Dinner

Water Marbled Turkey

Bright Leaves

Minimalist Pie

Geometric Wraps

Leaves with Typography

Simple Stamped Pie

Yellow Dots

Glitter Chevrons

Turkey and Leaves

Thanksgiving Minions

Cute Fox and Hedgehog

Gold with Stamps

Fall Floral