Behati's Denim Line Sounds Awesome

Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, the new wife of rocker Adam Levine, who has his own casual his-and-hers apparel lines at Kmart, is upping her already supreme fashion game. Behati Prinsloo is launching a denim line called Peaceful Punk, a 10-piece collection of skinny jeans and graphic tees with L.A. denim label THVM. It's her second time delving into designing and denim has long been a fashion passion for her, so don't grumble about yet another dispassionate celeb clothing line.

Celebs with jean lines is not exactly rarified air. We have Jessica Simpson with her eponymous line, which rakes in nearly a billion (yes, with a "B") bucks a year, and Beyonce with her House of Dereon range. Justin Timberlake had also ventured into the denim world with his William Rast brand, which shifted from high-end to mall retailers.

From what we know, Prinsloo has put a lot of thought and personal perspective into her pieces in order to make them awesome and wearable, which is of utmost importance.

According to Vogue, Prinsloo grew up as a preacher's daughter in Namibia, the same African country in which Shiloh Jolie-Pitt was born, for those keeping score at home. She would seek out the "right" pair of jeans in Cape Town boutiques during her formative years. So jeans have long been a part of her personal fashion narrative, as opposed to simply her professional one, which is why this collabo makes sense.

Here's what else you need to know and how the model's upbringing and personal style informed her jeans.

1. The Collection Is Infused With A Tomboy Vibe

Prinsloo stocked up on so many pairs as a young girl that her mom christened her a "jeans hoarder." Her small-town upbringing was devoid of high fashion and she was a tomboy, so jeans were pretty much the only option for the future model.

2. Her Favorite Styles Inspired Her

Her favorite jeans eras are the '70s bell bottoms, the Kate Moss x Calvin Klein moments, '90s Versace campaigns, tight rocker jeans a la Led Zeppelin, and even high-waisted Levi's mom jeans. While the aforementioned Simpson was vilified for her "mom jeans moment," Prinsloo digs that silhouette. I can't say I share her enthusiasm for it, but, hey, to each their own.

3. It Will Also Have A Punk Rock Element

The gorgeous model and rock star wife takes designing with THVM seriously. She noted that jeans are not easy to get "right" and that they are harder than dresses. "I wanted to make it true to my own style," she told Vogue. "I tried to mix a little punk rock in, a little Sex Pistols, but also to keep things easy and everyday." Her fave pairs are black and white striped and the high-waisteds, simply because she is tall and they are long. Other offerings include red jeans and a baggy pair.

4. Here's How You Can Style 'Em

So if you don jeans all the time, Prinsloo's Peaceful Punk for THVM jeans are very tomboyish, but you can sexy or chic 'em up with your details, accessories, and styling. Layers! Booties! Bags!

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