This Phone-Charging Belt Is Simple But So, So Rad

Wearable tech and gadget-like fashions aren't feeling as new or as function-forward, as geeky stuff is becoming increasingly gorgeous. We now phone-charging jackets for Opening Ceremony and bracelets with smartphone capabilities in the marketplace that are way less bulky than the first iterations of wearable tech. The latest in is something so simple and brilliant — the Nifty XOO phone-charging belt meant to decrease the need to carry around more devices and pieces, and which combats the dreaded, drained battery. It's a smart belt!

I admit that I keep going back and forth on the wearable tech concept, feeling like "Wow!" one day and somewhat underwhelmed the next. But something about this belt totally impresses me — probably because my iPhone dropped down to near-zero battery life within an hour at least three times this past week. Plus, it doesn't feel as redundant as, say, smart watches that require you still carry your phone around in order to check your Facebook feed or send texts.

This belt, by fashion standards, is somewhat plain and it's not ostentatious, neither of which is to its detriment. It's also covert. But what's most fascinating about this smart belt is that it was crowdfunded quickly.

With an initial goal of $50,000, the Indiegogo campaign, which officially closes on December 18, has already exceeded that amount, so the interest and demand is undeniably there.

Overall, the belt, with its hidden wires, is functional, effective, and designed to take a beating without having to lug around an extra piece of equipment. Essentially, you pop the phone into your pocket while charging and thus go about your day. Genius.

It's not about looking cool while charging but about wanting to wear something that has an additional purpose, besides, you know, keeping your pants off the ground. It simply takes an everyday piece of attire, a belt made of full-grain, tanned leather in black or brown with swappable buckles, and adds some stealth functionality. It looks unisex, too.

Who doesn't need a simple black or brown belt? It's a wardrobe staple and a basic for everyone, whereas other recent wearable tech innovations have to be paired with other specific pieces or have to be worn with some thought in regard to the rest of an outfit.

If you are looking for wearable tech that makes something of a style statement, there's also a collab with the Casely-Hayford fashion house for a rad matte black version. Plus, if you donate money to the project, you'll get a custom belt.

As far as the future of the brand goes, the company is also planning ahead to meet the need for larger sizes and even belts made of vegan materials.

Check out the video below to better understand exactly how the belt is made. It's supremely cool.

Images: Indiegogo (2); Giphy (2)