North's Post-Thanksgiving Look Is So Cute

There was once a time when North West's mom said that she wouldn't be that typical baby girl in pink; and it appears that she has kept her word. The lovechild of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is often seen in black,–save for the times when she dares to bring the mini denim skirt back or is lounging with her dad in matching pajamas–and yesterday proved no different. While we all sat around in our leggings and oversized sweaters and watched the first go-around of Christmas-movie marathons, Nori was playing with her pup in a black fur shawl, and we dropped our heads in shame once more.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of North on her Instagram with the caption: "I'm so thankful for my best friend N+K." When we thought the cuteness just could not be surmounted, she posted another of her smiling baby girl's full #ootd, which showed Nori's tiny black kitten slippers and her dog named Georgia. Although she might have been ready for any front row seat at any Fashion Week show, this look, and her countless other black ensembles, are a part of her daily getup that keeps her on the move and in the news.

From trips to the zoo to her first sip of hot cocoa, it's no doubt that Nori lives a rather interrupted life in the public's eye. While New Yorkers' habitual wearing of black makes them blend in with the bustling crowd, Nori's all-black outfits makes her stand out among her baby peers and on par with her dad, who is often wearing mute tones and apparently always wearing the same thing.

Although she might meet the cameras with her famous "Why are they taking pictures of me, AGAIN!?" stare, her style is arguably unmatched by adults triple her age. Her wardrobe includes Balmain blazers, Givenchy dresses, countless Yeezus separates, Doc Martens, and Chanel purses (yes, purses). Although the details haven't been spilled on the black fur shawl number she donned yesterday, it's most likely one that she'll add to her extensive list of designer clothes that she wears effortlessly. While we have been granted the exclusive opportunity to play dress up with Nori, it would be equally exciting if the cutouts of some of her popular outfits magically turned into our shoe and dress size, so we, too, can be as cool, calm, collected, and fashionable as the darling Miss West.

Images: Getty Images (1); kimkardashian/Instagram