A Dance Battle for the Ages

Are you mulling over the idea of throwing a dance battle for your electronic devices, but can't decide on the music? Well, the song in the Microsoft Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro ad might be your answer. “Neckbrace” by electronic duo Ratatat (not Rattata the Pokémon, but the band whose music poured out of practically every dorm room my freshman year at ASU) is the perfect soundtrack for any and all computer breakdance face-offs.

Here's a brief retelling of what goes down in the ad:

A MacBook Air and a Yoga 3 Pro lay out a piece of cardboard, crank the volume on a boom box, and call all of their friends over. The friends form a circle around the two portable computers. The MacBook Air and the Yoga 3 Pro establish eye contact. The MacBook Air nods. The Yoga 3 Pro nods.

The dance battle commences. The MacBook Air doesn't waste any time: It starts things off with some flares. As soon as the MacBook Air finishes its move, the Yoga 3 Pro begins spinning on its head. Inspired by the Yoga 3 Pro, the MacBook Air attempts a head slide. The MacBook Air succeeds. The Yoga 3 Pro does some jackhammers. The MacBook Air pops and locks into a back handspring. The Yoga 3 Pro wipes its brow, takes a deep breath, and starts a series of air flares. The Yoga 3 Pro doesn’t stop. The MacBook Air attempts to do an air flare, but falls. The MacBook Air lies down on the cardboard in defeat. The Yoga 3 Pro continues to air flare. The battle is over. The Yoga 3 Pro is the victor.


What's that? You say that's not at all what happens? OK, fine. Here's what really happens:

"Neckbrace" can be found on Ratatat's album LP4.

Image: Windows/YouTube