What's That Song In The Nautica Ad?

Whenever you see that Nautica holiday TV spot, do you A) suddenly wish you were wearing a turtleneck sweater? And B) do you want to know more about that song that plays throughout? You are not alone! Right there with you, buddy. Let's address the latter first: The song in the Nautica ad is "Featherstone" by Aussie folk rock band Paper Kites. The track was the first single off of their 2011 EP Woodland.

As for the turtleneck thing, I gotta say, the ad really has a strange effect on me. I'm pretty sure the commercial casts some sort of temporary turtleneck spell.

Generally speaking, I think turtleneck sweaters are very nice. However, if I know one thing to be true, it is that I personally do not look good in a turtleneck sweater. I've tried to make turtleneck sweaters work for me, but they never do. A turtleneck sweater gal, I am not.

Yet when I see that commercial, I forget how awkward I look in the high-necked garment. I find myself browsing through turtleneck sweaters online, debating collar types. But before I can make any purchases, I snap out of it and remember I'm a cardigan gal for life.

Welp, that's enough turtleneck talk for one day. Here's the ad:

And here the"Featherstone" music video:

Image: Nautica/YouTube