Sooo When Is ‘Parenthood’ Coming Back?

I’m just going to come out and admit right now that I am not a patient person. I guess you could try to blame it on some sort of only-child syndrome, but personally I like to chock it up as being just another charming personality trait. (You're welcome.) So when I learned that the final four episodes of NBC’s Parenthood won’t be returning until January, it’s safe to assume that I was not a happy camper. (Though, to be fair, I'm never really a happy camper since I hate camping. You get the point though.) But unfortunately that’s the sad truth of it all, folks. Parenthood won’t grace our small screens again until next year — Jan. 8, to be exact, which means we have a long road of waiting ahead of us.

Now, of course, we have Christmas and New Years to help take our minds off such a travesty. However, the sad truth of it all is that this is pretty much a sneak peek of what our lives will look like in the aftermath of the Parenthood series finale. This show has always prided itself on its ability to not just pull, but aggressively rip out our heartstrings and beat our emotions to a bloody pulp. And I have no doubt that having to say goodbye will prove to be the most painful heartbreak of them all. (Have I thoroughly depressed you yet? Again, you're welcome.)

But thankfully that bittersweet day is not today since there are still four more glorious episodes in our future. Granted, that doesn’t make waiting out this holiday hiatus any easier though, especially considering Parenthood left us with two very big cliffhangers: one regarding Zeek’s health (or lack thereof) and the other revolving around Joel and Julia’s passionate lip-lock. Luckily for you, though, I just happen to have a few suggestions of how to help pass the time. We're in this together, my friends. We can do this!

Re-watch the Series

As Parenthood comes to a close, now would be the perfect time to go back and binge-watch all of the seasons on Netflix. You'll fall in love with that Braverman clan all over again, guaranteed.

Sing Karaoke With Friends

As you know, the Luncheonette isn't doing so great right now for poor Crosby and Adam, so why not send some good juju their way by belting out some of your favorite jams with your closest friends. It won't actually help their business at all, but I'm sure they'd appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.

Bond With Your Own Family

Parenthood has taught us many lessons throughout the years, but the biggest takeaway from it all has to be the importance of family. So while the Bravermans are off doing their own thing, why not take this time to connect with your own loved ones? Whether you watch movies, play board games, or simply chat over a bottle of wine, you'll come to realize that you've always had your own group of Bravermans all along.

Images: Colleen Hayes/NBC; Giphy (3)