17 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Lord Disick Fan

As an avid viewer of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I'm always rooting for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship. Despite the drama (and wow, there has been a lot of drama!), these two have managed to stay together through it all, meanwhile everyone around them wound up divorced. They even have two adorable children with another baby on the way. There's nothing more heartwarming than his bond with his son Mason! Those guys are easily the best people on the show.

Speaking of KUWTK, over the years we witnessed Disick go from the party playboy to a respectable father, who set aside his greed and chose to buy his son a slide instead of a helicopter pad for himself. Oh, and we also watched him become royalty! Yup, Lord Disick knows what's up. Sure, he may have had his missteps, but he's come a long way. Instead of insulting the guy, we should appreciate just how much he's changed and grown up. I'm proud of Scott — and a proud Scott Disick fan.

Here's a list of things you should never say to a Lord Disick fan... Unless you want a bunch of dollar bills shoved in your mouth. (JK, he doesn't do that anymore. Thank goodness!)

"He's a spoiled rich boy."

While he tends to flaunt his watches and splurge on purchases, I wouldn't say he's spoiled. He just lives a life of luxury.

"He's not good enough for Kourtney."

A.. That's her decision, not yours. B. He really seems to care for her and that's what matters most.

"Seriously, can they just break up already?"

Wow, way to be super pessimistic and rude.

"All he does is party."

He may make a bunch of club appearances, but Disick has also been in rehab. He is trying to work on himself, and that's admirable.

"Why is he even famous?"

I don't think he purposely chose to be famous, but he's so lovable that it makes sense.

"It's so annoying that he keeps calling himself Lord Disick."

Relax! Pretty sure he's joking, although he did officially become anointed as a lord when in London.

"He doesn't even dress well."

OK, clearly you haven't seen his snazzy suits.

"He's such a jerk."

Actually, he seems like a pretty nice guy. He really does care about his family.

"He has no sense of humor."

That Todd Kraines gag was hilarious. Plus, funny photos he posts on Instagram prove he doesn't take himself too seriously.

"Why does he post so many photos of himself?"

Well, it's his Instagram. Can't he post what he wants?

"He's so crude."

OK, he may make some seemingly pervy jokes on the show. But that's the thing, they're just jokes. Everyone has a unique sense of humor.

"Does he even have a job?"

If you must know, Disick is actually a businessman.

"He's not a good dad."

Whoa, that's harsh, especially since you no idea what his parenting skills actually are like. Unless you follow him around 24/7.

"Mason isn't even cute."

ARE YOU KIDDING? He's incredibly adorable. And what kind of monster insults a child?

"Ugh, he's so immature!"

If you don't know him in real life, who are you to judge?

"His beard is gross."

First of all, it's not. Second, it's his facial hair and he can do what he wants with it.

"He's a modern Chuck Bass."

Wait, no... I'll agree with that one! While some may not believe the Gossip Girl comparison, there's plenty of evidence to support this theory.

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