Dandy Sure Does Love the Color Red on 'AHS'

If you still haven't recovered from this week's very literal "Blood Bath" episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show , don't feel bad because I'm right there with you. I mean, it's not everyday you see someone immerse themselves in a bathtub full of their own mother's blood. However, it wasn't just the act itself that made this scene so terrifying, it was the calm — and dare I say — tranquil way Dandy acted throughout the whole thing. (FYI, I won't be taking a bath anytime soon.) But aside from the overall gruesomeness of it all, I couldn't help but take notice to Dandy's recent red wardrobe attire throughout these last few episodes. In both "Test of Strength" and "Blood Bath" Dandy has appeared in at least one scene wearing head-to-toe red clothing. What kind of twisted symbolism are you trying to throw at us, Ryan Murphy?

Because that's clearly what's going on here, right? AHS is almost extremely particular when it comes to a character's costume. And while Coven's black witchy garments tended to signify that of unity and sisterhood, Dandy's red get-ups have started to serve as a type of warning that bloodshed and murder is about to ensue. Almost like a red flag of danger, if you will. Not necessarily right when he's about to perform a heinous act, but certainly when he's developing one in his head.

Think about it… remember when Bette and Dot broke his heart and he gave that realization speech about how he was destined for deadly deeds? Notice what color he was wearing at the time…

Red. And lots of it. Obviously, red is known for symbolizing that of anger and violence just as white is considered innocent, pure, and angelic. It's become somewhat of a color code for good vs. evil.

And that's a big part of what makes Dandy so terrifying. Any good conscience he had is becoming completely engulfed by his evil one, which is being recently reflected in his wardrobe. Then there's the fact that red also serves as a representation of power. The more Dandy kills, the confident he becomes in his abilities, allowing his power to further grow. He wanted to take Gloria's power away from her, which is what led to this not at all awkward conversation with that faceless therapist…

Ah, blood. Which just so happens to be the color red as well. And since we've gotten to the point where Dandy's bloodlust could literally fill a bathtub or two, it makes sense that the blood red color would try to work its way into every facet of his life — including his garments.

And judging from next Wednesday's episode promo for "Tupperware Party Massacre," Dandy's latest red ensemble look will prove to have deadly consequences once more.

Either that or he's attempting to follow in the footsteps of one of the creepiest AHS Santa's of all time.

Regardless, things are starting to seem ho-ho-horrifying. (Sorry, I had to.)

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; ahsgifs (3); dont-u-think-he-looks-tired/Tumblr; foglicious/Tumblr