'Star Wars' Gets Lego-fied

You saw the Wes Anderson-ified spoof of the Star Wars trailer, yes? (If not, I'll wait while you check it out.) Are you uninterested in parodies of the Episode VII teaser? Is that a “no” I hear? Wonderful answer. So glad to hear that. Because there is another parody to put in your eyes. A must-watch, if you will. And that must-watch parody is the Lego version of the Star Wars: Episode VII —The Force Awakens teaser trailer. It’s a shot-for-shot (or should I say block-for-block? Does that even make sense? Whatever. It stays.) remake of the Star Wars preview that debuted last Friday. And it is awesome.

According to the video's description, YouTube user Snooperking made this "out of boredom." Well, shoot. I feel like quite the lazy toad. Do you know what I do when I'm bored? I find a new TV show to dive into. And then I marathon that show for hours. I lose track of time. My muscles atrophy. I become one with the couch. I most certainly don't take a break to make anything as impressive or entertaining as this Lego Star Wars video.

Warning: The Lego version of that scary red lightsaber manages to look even more menacing than the one that appears in the actual trailer.

May the blocks be with you.

Image: Snooperking/YouTube