It's Ariana's Turn For a Grammy...

When mega pop-star Ariana Grande first flooded our radios with her leading single "The Way," many people just took it as another catchy pop song from another Nickelodeon child star who would fall by the wayside sooner rather than later. Little did they know, Grande wasn't a child star but a beautifully talented twenty-something with a voice that could give Mariah Carey a run for her money. But does Ariana Grande have a Grammy like Mariah?

Not yet. Last year, Ariana Grande wasn't nominated for the Grammy for Best New Artist, but 2014 landed her at the very top of America's list of favorites and she's now got two 2015 nominations under her belt. When A Very Grammy Christmas airs on CBS Friday, Ariana will be the only performer without a Grammy win, but I'll go ahead and predict that she won't be Grammy-less for long.

Traditionally, Grammy nominations are announced during a live December concert, but since ratings have been down in recent years, the nomination announcements occurred sporadically throughout the same day leading up to the Grammy Christmas special. Before the nominees are revealed for the most prestigious award, Album of the Year, three-time Grammy Award-winning group Maroon 5, three-time Grammy Award winner Tim McGraw, and seven-time Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams will share the stage with Ariana for some unforgettable performances. But even though she's the only performer without a Grammy, there's nothing to say Ariana by ceremony time, she won't have a trophy of her own.

The new music (and new artists) that emerged this year are some of the best I've heard in a long time, so it will be a tough fight for the Grammy. Between the breakout pop and hip hop hits and the ever-growing popularity of country music, it's really anyone's game. But when Grande hits the screen for the first-ever one-hour Christmas special, she could have already been announced as a nominee for almost any of the other awards.

The new special will include performances of both holiday songs and current pop hits, as well as artists sharing memories and what a Grammy nomination would mean to them — and Grande's might be the one you'll want to remember since she's got two chances to take one home.

With any luck, Ariana's performance Friday will include a live rendition of her brand new holiday hit "Santa Tell Me" because it will be the perfect kickoff to the next several weeks of seasonal tunes. But even if it doesn't, the performance should be one of her most memorable of the year since it will be her first time performing as an officially Grammy-nominated artist.

Since her singing and songwriting career began in 2011, the 21-year-old has received 70 awards, from Teen Choice to VMAs and AMAs, but never a Grammy. If she doesn't deserve to take one home this year, then I don't know who does. It's about time Ariana said goodbye to her Nickelodeon rep and hello to many more years of Grammy Awards.

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