Victoria Beckham's Nails Inc. Polishes Are Posh

Victoria Beckham's Spice Girls past may remain firmly in the rearview, but the singer-cum-designer still wants you to have some seriously posh nails. Victoria Beckham and Nails Inc have teamed up to launch her first color cosmetics range in the form of a limited edition nail polish collection. Since nail art is still a major beauty trend, and since her designs are pretty flawless and figure-flattering and their nail polishes are so fashion-forward, you can pretty much guarantee that this collab is going to be everything.

The Nails Inc. lacquers are being launched in conjunction with her Victoria Victoria Beckham (VVB) line. They will be available in stores in February.

I seriously can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about being able to rock VB on my nails. I am going to start practicing my Miss America wave like right now. And if Mrs. Beckham's now-iconic dresses fall out of your price range, well, at least you can dress up your digits. This is one celebrity brand partnership you do not want to snooze on, since it's not every day that the Victoria Beckham launches color cosmetic products.

Here's pretty much everything we know about Posh x Nails Inc. so far. You can sign up for more information on the collab, with pre-launches on Monday with limited stock going on sale. Why not give yourself an early Christmas present? Your fingers will thank you.

1. First But Not Last

Beckham hinted that her first foray into beauty likely won't be her last, telling WWD that she would love to do more beauty projects when the time is right. As if the Nails Inc. news wasn't good enough! I'm hoping Beckham will launch a range of glosses so we can all copy her signature, shiny peachy-nude scowl.

2. High Fashion Inspiration

The range will offer a shade dubbed Nearly Nude, which is the designer's preferred shade for her runway shows, as well as The New Red. Beckham's spring collection is inspired by Japan, and so is this shade.

3. Chic Bottle

The bottles, designed by Fabien Baron, are fashionable obviously. The bottles aren't typical, featuring a matte finish in black and white. So how do you know what's inside? There's a see-through side window that reveals the shades.

4. Innovative Formula

The bottles are beautiful, but VB x Nails Inc. is also pretty on the inside and not just because of the colors. The Stretch to Fit formulation was inspired by Beckham's dresses, as well. Bamboo extract was added, since it strengthens the nail.

Images: Nails Inc. (1); Giphy (3)