Vanessa Hudgens Has Long Hair Again

It's been an eventful fall for Vanessa Hudgens. Sure, she's preparing for a Broadway role, but I'm talking about her serious hair transformations and changes. Hudgens is one of many celebs that constantly changes their hair: So far this season she's gone red, then went back to her familiar dark waves, then did the lob, and most recently rocked a shoulder-skimming shag with heavy bangs. Now, Vanessa Hudgens has long, wavy hair again, which seems to be her favorite. Oh, and she kept the bangs, too.

Hudgens, who is playing the titular role in Gigi starting in January, posted two photos of her latest look on Instagram, and I admit that I am loving her super round sunglasses in the one pic. But the former High School Musical-er also noted in one of the captions that long hair makes her happy.

She did chop off her hair a few years back in order to transform herself for her edgy and against-type role in Gimme Shelter and she's been playing with her stands ever since. But it's that cascade of always glossy black waves that is so familiar and most flattering for her.

Hudgens' hair game seems to be this. She is always up for a change and she either gets quickly bored or she simply misses her raven-hued signature style, since she keeps going right back to it not long after making a change.

Long hair, don't care!

Her smile says it all. She loves length and is clearly thrilled when her hair extends well past her shoulders.

Yes, the shag is cute and rock 'n' roll, and she'd be gorgeous if bald, but The Hudge is in her element with longer locks.

Images: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram (3)