12 Gifts for the Benedict Cumberbatch Fan in Your Life

'Tis the season to gift Benedict Cumberbatch novelty gifts. The layperson might be casually smitten with him, and even Jon Stewart thinks he's dreamy, but if you've been on Tumblr since the premiere of BBC's Sherlock in 2010, you'll know that the Benedict Cumberbatch fandom is real and it's raw. Women who love him even call themselves "Cumberbitches."

So, looking for a gift for that special Cumberbitch in your life? Worry not! Many crafty folk all across the web have provided you with several options, from t-shirts to earrings, because your loved ones just may be Sherlocked.

For 'Sherlock' Fans

For that REALLY special Sherlock fan who you’re willing to drop mad money on, you can gift them the Limited Edition box set, which comes with two terrifying busts of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Holmes.

Sherlock Limited Edition Gift Set, $96, Amazon

For Coffee Lovers

Start your day off right with a cup of coffee — Or tea, as Benedict probably does. Those crazy Brits! — with this vintage inspired Cumberbatch mug. Comes in black, white or red.

Cumberbatch Mug, $10, CafePress

For... T-Shirt Wearers

Irene Adler was Sher-locked, and I bet she’s not the only one. “I Am Sherlocked” tee, $10, Amazon

For the Cumberbitch Who Loves Cute Things

For your Sherlock fan friends that also love Coraline and just want to snuggle.

Sherlock doll, $40, Etsy

For the Reader

Cumberbatch loves to photobomb, and with these bookmarks, you can pretend like he’s REALLY excited about what you’re reading!

Photobomb bookmarks, $2, Etsy

For the Sporty Fan

Subtle and sporty. Cozy and Cumberbatch.

Cumberbatch sweatshirt, $24.99, Etsy

For the Artist

Don’t you just want to color him good?

Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book, $9, Amazon

For the Bride-to-Be

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Mrs. Cumberbatch pencils, $6, Etsy

For the Proud Cumberbitch

For your loved ones who wanna say it loud and say it proud — they are Cumberbitches.

Cumberbitch tank, $15, Etsy

For the Technology Lover

One of the best things about BBC’s Sherlock is the wallpaper in the flat at 221 Baker Street. Keep your phone safe with it.

Sherlockian iPhone case, $26, RedBubble

For the Accessorizer

For those who wanna feel like Benedict is whispering sweet nothings in your ear in that deep dark accent, these earrings are just the thing.

Benedict Cumberbatch earrings, $4, Etsy

For the Interior Decorator

You can buy this pillow for your friends who really, REALLY got it bad for Cumberbatch. Don’t judge them, they can’t help it. What a hunk. (A photoshopped hunk, I’m pretty sure.)

Cumberbatch pillowcase, $12, Etsy