The Obamas Are Getting Their Own Movie

It's not often that a first date is so romantic and epic IRL that a movie studio deems it enough to make a whole movie about it — but I guess when one half of the couple is the President of the United States, that changes things. According to EW, President Barack Obama's first biopic will focus on his first date with First Lady Michelle Obama, all the way back when they were just crazy kids living in Chicago in 1989.

So, what was so special about the Obamas' first date apart from the fact that it resulted in marriage and they went on to become the country's first couple? Apparently, it actually took President Obama a few tries to get Michelle (née Robinson) to agree to date him, because they both worked at the same law firm — and, while he was an associate, she was his boss. Eventually, though, they did go out on a date, which included seeing Spike Lee's 1989 classic film Do the Right Thing in theaters, and traveling throughout Chicago's South Side during one afternoon.

Though a young Barack Obama has not yet been cast in the film, Tika Sumpter — best known for roles in Get On Up and Gossip Girl — has been cast as a young Michelle Obama. Additionally, the film will be titled Southside With You, and be directed by Richard Tanne.

While this is definitely not a classic presidential biopic, I have to say, I'm really digging the idea — the Obamas' love story is interesting considering how lovey-dovey they always appear to be even now, over 20 years into the marriage, and it'll be compelling to see a film set before Obama's presidential career even began.