What If Harrison Wells Has Powers on 'The Flash'?

As we reach the end of the first half of the first season of The Flash , let's take a moment to remember the pilot of the series, the one episode that started it all. Things were going great in Central City, or as well as they could following the particle accelerator explosion. Barry was awake from his coma, making new friends at S.T.A.R. Labs, and seemed to have found a mentor/friend in Harrison Wells. Then, at the end of the episode, the apparently wheelchair-bound Wells rose up out of his chair to walk, and viewers all collectively lost our minds. It was huge. Ever since then, with all the other strange things happening in Central City, I've wondered, could Harrison Wells have powers just like other metahumans?

It doesn't appear so yet, but I sure hope he does. Clearly, he was faking his need for the wheelchair and has everyone fooled — including Barry. It's been assumed, and honestly hasn't been proven otherwise, that Wells doesn't need the wheelchair. But as far as anyone knows, he was injured in the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs and has needed to use a wheelchair ever since.

Yes, we — as the audience — know he can walk. But maybe Wells was in fact injured in the explosion, and was wheelchair-bound for a bit. Then, maybe he miraculously healed. Or, he managed to cure himself with some sort of science thing (a very scientific science thing, of course), but didn't want anyone to know. Maybe he was never injured at all and confined himself to a wheelchair to appear to be injured. All of these things are possible, but none of them have been explained yet.

There's also the other route for Wells' wheelchair lie, which is that in the explosion, he became a metahuman, too. We haven't seen the immediate fallout from the accident; we saw the events leading up to it (and Ronnie's act of bravery), but nothing else. Where was Wells, what happened to him, and what caused him to suddenly decide to take up the huge wheelchair lie?

This could all be an elaborate coverup to mask the fact that he's now a metahuman just like Barry and the others. Or, he's been a metahuman all along and this is all part of his cover story. There's still high speculation that Wells might turn out to be either Professor Zoom, or Reverse-Flash (or, twist, both!) and if so, then damn straight he's got some powers.

Admit it, you kind of want Wells to have hidden powers, too. He doesn't necessarily need to go the full-fledged route of being a supervillain, but I would love to see him get into a real metalhuman fight with Barry. Remember back to the pilot, when suddenly we realized Wells could walk? OK now imagine Barry realizing that for the first time. Mind blown.

Images: Katie Yu/The CW; elliottgilbert,theflashgifs/Tumblr