Beyonce & Jay Z Are the Best at Gift-Giving

As she declared on her 2011 album 4, Beyoncé likes to party. And, seeing as how Queen Bey's 52 Grammy nods officially ranks her as the most Grammy-nominated female artist in history, there's no time like the present for her to let her hair down and have some fun. Well — some more fun, because clearly she's an expert when it comes to relaxing and enjoying the hard-earned fruits of her labor. As if this week couldn't get any better for her, Beyoncé and Jay Z are reportedly in Iceland celebrating Jay's 45th birthday, and based on their purported itinerary, it sounds like the most awesome birthday trip ever.

According to US Weekly, the couple flew in on Monday and are currently kicking their heels up at a swanky resort in South Iceland. The "Drunk in Love" singer and her hubby spent Dec. 4, Jay's actual birthday, at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal spa which is situated in a lava field. Reportedly, they also have plans to take a helicopter ride over an active volcano.

A spa day and getting up close and personal with a volcanic eruption in an exotic location definitely fits right in with Bey and Jay's superstar lifestyle, but how does this trip measure up to some of the birthday gifts they've exchanged in the past?

The fancy cars

Because Beyoncé's into upgrading her man, she reportedly bought Jay a $2 million Bugatti for his 41st birthday, which goes perfectly with the vintage Rolls Royce he bought for Bey's 25th.

Jay Z's YouTube shoutout

For his wife's 33rd, Jay shared a video montage of Beyoncé moments, which was sweet but the accompanying dreamy trip to Corsica looked like it was even sweeter.

A diamond-encrusted watch

Yeah, Jay Z, that's very impressive. For the rapper's 43rd birthday, Beyoncé dropped $5 million on a Hublot watch, which is said to be the most expensive timepiece in the world.

So, that proves it: Basically, Beyoncé and Jay Z have the birthday gift-giving game on lock. None of the gifts can outdo the other — as usual, they get it right every time.Images: Giphy (3)