Are Those Jana Duggar & Tim Tebow Rumors True?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, despite all the rumors that have been going around claiming that one of the NFL’s most renowned football players and a Duggar girl have been courting, someone has just been trolling the Internet — again. Unfortunately, for those of you who were eagerly looking forward to another Duggar wedding or baby, it looks like you’ll have to keep waiting, because Tim Tebow and Jana Duggar are not dating.

Though Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar did meet the former Denver Broncos quarterback’s mother, Pam, during the Loving Choices Pregnancy Center event last month, according to Christian Today, you won’t be hearing wedding bells anytime soon.

“Tim and Jana Duggar have never even met,” Tebow’s rep told Us Weekly in a statement. So there you have it; that pretty much says it all. Although both celebrities have their close ties to religion in common, they’re not dating — you kind of have to actually meet for that to happen.

But, who knows? Maybe after all of this Tebow-Duggar talk, the quarterback might actually try to talk to Jim Bob so he can actually begin courting Jana. After all, who knows if Jana was even on Tebow’s radar before all of this happened?

If nothing ever comes from these rumors, however, I at least hope Jana meets someone she really loves on her own terms.