Seth and James Stripped Down For SNL

By now we're all well aware that Seth Rogen and James Franco are not simply BFFs, but BFFs who love getting nekked with each other on a fairly regular basis. Between all of their blockbuster comedies and surprise nude appearances, James and Seth are second only to Kim Kardashian's butt in being the most exposed celebrities in the media, and I love EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Thankfully they continued their overexposure when Seth Rogen crashed James Franco's Saturday Night Live monologue to announce that some of their racy cell phone pics were released in the Sony hack.

Although you may have thought you'd seen every inch of Seth and James, prepare yourselves, because the pictures they shared with the audience were...um...REVEALING, to say the least. There's their Christmas card featuring some cleverly placed stockings, a remake of John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's infamous cuddle, and of course a little thigh-high stockings action (don't worry - they were control top). Granted some of you might be a little over their (tried and true) schtick, but can you really pass up another opportunity to see Seth Rogen's chest hair?

Oh, you can? Well, whatever. More for me, I guess.

Suffice it to say, SNL gave us plenty of James-and-Seth laughs to last us until The Interview comes out. Phew.