What Would Beyonce Say If She Saw This?

by Quinn Keaney

I hope Nicki Minaj has a large fleet of body guards at her disposal, because after her time on Saturday Night Live tonight, the Beygency is going to be after her (and perhaps a very irate Kris Jenner). That's right - Nicki not only messed with Queen B on SNL, but went after Kim Kardashian as well. So how good were Nicki Minaj's impressions of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian on SNL in between her A+ performances? Well, SNL fans have most definitely seen better, but Nicki deserves some props for having the guts to do it.

The "Bed Of Lies" rapper's choice to take on two celebs who've already had pretty iconic impressions of them done on the show before was bold (nothing will ever beat Nasim Pedrad's version of Kim K or Maya Rudolph's Bey, NOTHING), but with her signature off-the-charts, Nicki Minaj-levels of confidence, she was able to flash a flirty smile and make the audience laugh.

In a sketch called "MTV's Hip-Hop Nativity," Nicki took on the role of her new bestie and the sole reason behind the world maybe being blessed with mini-Nickis one day, Beyonce. Her boobs were out and about in a lace-up lace bodysuit and fur coat while she delivered some inspirational spoken word about Baby Jesus ("He woke up like this. Flawless."), as you do.

It wasn't spot on, but she didn't do so bad, TBH. There were definitely some Queen Bey-esque moments shining through there. Her impression of Mrs. Kanye West, on the other hand...well...let's just say she needs to watch a few more episodes of KUWTK before she attempts this again.

On Weekend Update she pretended to be Kim Kardashian defending her infamous Paper magazine spread to Colin Jost, and while she had a relatively firm grasp on the dim-bulb personality, that was where the similarities ended. Still, her bit was pretty funny and included some great shots of Nicki photoshopped onto the cover instead.