Why Are Scott & Khloe in a Bathtub Together?

I stand by my assessment that Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick shouldn't be friends. But, in the case of Sunday night's Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons, I might be able to make an exception. Because there are no two people in the world who could do something as weird as host a podcast from a bathtub and actually have it be funny than these two. I also really don't feel like I can hate on anything that's keeping Scott in good spirits while he deals with his parents' deaths (I really just want him to be happy and healthy). However, that doesn't change how weird it is that Khloe and Scott hosted a podcast from a bathtub.

The bathtub podcast was teased in the early trailers for KKTH , but in a new clip from Sunday night's episode, all of its weirdness is in full display. In fact, it's totally obvious that even Khloe thinks this situation is kind of weird, even if she's the one with radio experience who probably gave Scott the idea in the first place. But, possibly, out of the kindness of her heart, she's playing along to keep Scott from dwelling on the sad history that the Hamptons holds for him. Could this be Khloe's way of being a good friend to her sister's S.O.? I hope so. But, again, Khloe's potential good intentions can't distract me from all of the weird things about this podcast. (And there are a lot of them.)

  • The fact that they're in a bathtub (even Khloe says she doesn't get it because no one can see them)
  • Blatantly ignoring the risk of electrocution (he has two kids – he should be more careful)
  • The candles (too romantic)
  • Scott's life vest (is he afraid he'll drown?)
  • Scott brushing his beard (again — NO ONE CAN SEE THEM)
  • The tiny dinosaur next to Khloe (obviously Mason's but still)
  • Scott calling Khloe his "lady"
  • The fact that they didn't plan this at all

I guess it's the thought that counts and, obviously, I want Scott Disick to have a regular podcast because it'd probably be more addicting than Serial. But, the important thing here is that Scott and Khloe's friendship might actually work if they can keep the fun sober, lighthearted, and appropriate. (Well, except for Khloe asking about "shrinkage.") As someone with Scott's best interest at heart at all times, I've officially started believing in Scott and Khloe's friendship. Laughter is the best medicine after all, right?