Sarah Michelle Gellar Loves To Tease Her Husband

In November, a recovering Freddie Prinze Jr. took to social media to share his healing process after receiving spinal surgery on Nov. 20, leading to an Internet freak out as fans sent their well wishes and concern for the actor. Through various tweets, the celeb posted pictures of his neck scar, as well as images of himself exercising and working on his mental jiu-jitsu. Yet the one photo that really caught everyone’s attention was one captioned with, “#KeepItPlayful Learnin to walk again is like learning jiu-jitsu – 1 technique at a time.”

Of course, the “learning to walk again” part was taken out of context by many, and not only did he have to reassure his fans that he was completely fine, but wife Sarah Michelle Gellar joked about Freddie Prinze Jr.’s tweet while interviewed at the 4th Annual Santa’s Secret Worskhop on Saturday.

Since her husband was unable to attend, Gellar arrived with her two children to enjoy some holiday-themed fun. Yet when asked to confirm how her husband’s condition was, Gellar laughed about his seemingly dramatic tweet just like the rest of us did after learning there was a bit of embellishment going on.

“Oh my god, you mean Freddie that’s like learning how to walk again?” she said in reference to the tweet. “My poor husband couldn’t make it.”

It’s nice to know that she has a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to tease her husband or anyone who fell victim to the belief that Prinze Jr. wasn’t able to walk.

“By the way, he was coming, he was in tears,” Gellar said. “He was like, ‘I promised Bill [Horn] and Scout they’re so good to me, I have to be there.’ But he’s just so tired. I mean he did have spine surgery… But he’s not learning how to walk.”

Well phew, that’s a relief. Although it definitely takes away a bit of the drama and suspense, it’s good to know that Prinze Jr. can indeed walk unlike his tweet led many of us to assume. Now we can all live happy and quit worrying about how the Scooby Doo actor will ever cope.