Solange's Latest Wedding Photo is the Best Yet

I'm not done being obsessed with the most stylish wedding of the year, and it looks like some anonymous creative genius isn't either! On Sunday morning, Solange posted a photo of a set of Barbies styled to resemble her wedding party to her Instagram account, and I have cape dress envy all over again. The newlywed said that she needed to know who created the scene that mirrored her wedding photos so accurately, so that she could give them a hug. So, not only is there someone out there with what we can assume to be the only Solange Wedding Barbie in existence, but the singer wants to cuddle them! Excuse me for being jealous.The mysterious person behind the group of dolls didn't just pose some plastic limbs. He/she is clearly a pretty talented seamstress/seamster. We all know that the Knowles women deserve better than some pre-made white frock. And in true diva fashion, their likenesses are wearing what appear to be custom-made replicas of their wedding attire — yes, including a mini version of that wedding dress.

The group of six in the rendition was a bit smaller than the nine-woman girl gang that was present at the New Orleans nuptials on November 16th — sorry to the three other bridesmaids. I'm kind of bummed out that the on-point, silver-striped crop top/skirt combo didn't make the cut, as well. But you don't see me sewing any tiny doll dresses. I'm pretty sure that means that I'm not allowed to complain.

We can only hope the popularity of this wedding scene leaves its maker more inspired to bring us more Knowles-esque dolls. I'm pretty sure a "Partition" Barbie needs to happen ASAP.

Images: Instagram/ Solange ; Giphy