Tom Hiddleston is Up For Another Award

There's nothing worse than when two fandoms are pitted against one another. Whether it's the Beliebers vs. the Directioners or even the Whovians vs. the Sherlokians — it can only spell disaster. Now that both Tom Hiddleston and David Tennant are nominated for the WhatsOnStage Awards, Tumblr is going to have to choose who they love more.

The two talented actors were each nominated for Best Actor in a Play alongside Mark Strong, Richard Armitage, and Tom Bateman. But let's be honest, the real competition here is between Hiddleston and Tennant. The former is is the fan-favorite Loki and the latter is a beloved former Doctor from Doctor Who.

Both have huge fandoms, and they come with a lot of overlap. Fans of British actors tend to stick together, so most Whovians are also Hiddlestoners. But what's even worse than seeing your two favorites up for the same award is knowing that the WhatsOnStage Awards are decided by fan participation.

From now through January 31, fans can vote for their favorite theater performers: provided they can decide. Hiddleston's work in Coriolanus was flawless and I heard David Tennant's Richard II was pretty amazing too. Two British Tumblr kings, both playing Shakespearian roles, and up for the same award. What could go wrong?

While I don't think the Whovians and the Hiddlestoners will be as vicious towards each other as the Beliebers and Directioners can be, it definitely will be a stressful time for both fandoms to try to choose which actor they like more.

I know that as long as one of them wins over the other actors in the category, the fans will be glad. But what could end up happening is that their fans might unintentionally split their votes between the two, meaning they'll both lose.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is clear: It's just so hard to be fangirl.

Image: staralbums/Tumblr