What Should the Prince & Princess do in NYC?

by Marenah Dobin

If you're walking down the street in New York City and think to yourself, "Wow they look just like Princess William and Kate Middleton," you might not be wrong. The royal couple just touched down in the Big Apple. Well, they probably wouldn't be walking anywhere, let alone without an entourage, so I doubt you would be able to "nonchalantly" run into them. That is not the point. Even if you do not get to bump into them an Instagram a selfie of the run-in, there will be media coverage of the couple's every move during the visit. I do not know what is on the agenda, but I have some great ideas for the couple. I also not-so-secretly hope that Kate Middleton is reading this article.

New York City is the place to be during the holiday season. It is full of so many wonderful traditions of places to visit, foods to eat, activities to partake in, and ideal spots to take photos. I hope that whoever is planning the royal visit is doing it right. What should Prince William and Princess Kate do doing their trip in New York City? I have plenty of suggestions for the couple if they want to be seasonal tourists.

Ice Skate in Rockefeller Center

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Nothing is more adorable than a couple ice skating during Christmas time. The rink at Rockefeller Center is just picturesque. Yes, it is a huge tourist attraction, but it is actually more of an intimate experience with a maximum occupancy of 150 skaters. The couple needs to go. The two of them holding hands and skating will melt my heart— and the ice.

Take a Picture at the Rockefeller Center Tree

Peter Kramer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony took place on Wednesday, December 3 and was a huge televised event. From then until 8pm on January 7, 2015 the tree will remain lit and open to the public. It would be adorable if they took a cute photo in front of the tree. I could not even imagine how many people would take selfies with an attempt to capture the couple in the background though.

Check Out the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I have always loved the Rockettes. I believe that everyone needs to see them perform at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular at least once in their lives. Such an iconic experience.

See The Nutcracker

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Nutcracker is a timeless ballet and the New York City Ballet is one of the best dance companies in the world. If you want to see The Nutcracker, you have to see it in the Big Apple during Christmas season. Tschaikovsky's melodies are classic and the talent of the NYCB dancers is unparalleled.

Menorah Lighting in Battery Park City

Johannes Simon/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Christmas isn't the only holiday this time of year. The prince and princess should check out the big menorah lighting ceremony at sundown Tuesday, December 16 in batter Park City. In addition to experiencing traditions of other countries, it would be enlightening (pun intended) to experiencing traditions from other religions.

Shop at Macy's

Stephen Chernin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Yes, I know that Macy's is a franchise, but there is just something different about the Macy's store in New York City. We all know how stylish the princess is, so of course she will want to get her shop on. Prince William can check out the historic window displays or shop himself. There are restaurants and so many other touristy things to do inside of this Macy's that it is really more than just a department store.

To be honest, there is really no "wrong" way to do New York City during the holiday season. Hopefully the royal couple takes me up on some of these suggestions. And if they need a tour guide, they are more than welcome to tweet me an invite. I will make myself available to them.

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