6 Ways Gerard Butler was a Great 'Phantom'

Ten years ago, when I was in 8th grade, my guilt ridden chorus teacher bought us the Phantom of the Opera movie as a peace offering. It was in lieu of our class trip to Broadway, that was unceremoniously canceled for no apparent reason at all (still bitter about it). Like all insufferable 13-year-olds, we sat there, arms crossed, eyes rolled as he slid in the DVD and hid in the corner in fear of having sidekick phones, fanny packs, and Kangol hats being pelted at him. But thankfully, no awful, early 2000's fashion abuse befell him because as it turned out, we were all enthralled by the musical. Who knew that a version of Phantom of the Opera, starring Gerard Butler of all people, would captivate a bunch of millennial tweens?

Now, I mention Butler not because no other notable people starred. The movie featured the likes of Patrick Wilson, Emmy Rossum, and Minnie Driver. I mention him particularly because he was made in the likeness of the non-Tom Selleck looking Brawny paper towel man. It was certainly a bizarre casting choice, that may have had a lot to do of being instantly smitten and caffeine riddled, but it was one that actually worked. So now, on the movie's tenth anniversary, here are all the legitimate reasons why Butler was an unexpectedly good phantom:

The Uncovered Side of the Phantom's Face? Smokin'

Like, COME ON.

He Brought a Surprising Vulnerability to the Role Despite Being a Burly Hunk of Man

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Here's my written apology for the PTSD this GIF of PS I Love You may have caused.

His Singing was Raw and Emotional

All about keepin' it real.

His Unidentified Accent Made the Exhaustive Use of the Name "Christine" Seem Less Nauseating

Was it Scottish? Was it French? Scrench? Frottish?

5. He did his damnedest to bring an extra, less creepy dimension to one of the creepiest characters to ever exist...ever

Still creepy though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

TBH, he Scared the *Bleep* Outta Me — As the Phantom Should

A red peacoat was never more terrifying.

Kudos, Butler. You can sing to me any time.

Images: lepetitehobbit/Tumblr; toloveakiwi/Tumblr; Giphy (2); Warner Bros.