Which 'Are You The One?' Bro Has 2 Matches?

by Jodi Walker

With just one episode of Are You the One? left, the Season 2 cast has a lot of ground to cover to prove that they aren't completely oblivious. I fear for the day that any of these 21 characters are asked to participate in The Challenge... strategy is not their strong suit. I've gone on the record (the very official AYTO record) to say that this group's main problem is that all along, they should have just played like Christina, the 11th girl, wasn't there at all. As they've been told from the beginning, a successful match for her doesn't mean anything for the group, except that another girl loses out. And as she's the only girl they positively know is doubly matched, they could have just told her to enjoy the free booze, and sacrificed her claim to the money from the beginning. However the fact that Christina is there means that one AYTO guy has two perfect matches, and figuring out who that is might help sort out some other matches.

Ryan Devlin half-heartedly mentioned some new rule that is highly ambiguous and suspicious; it sounds like, if the cast successfully matches everyone in the final pairing, including Christina, then everyone gets to partake in their portion of the $1 million prize. With eight successful matches last week, they're actually pretty close. But my confidence that most of that wasn't just luck, and that this crew could figure out all 10 matches, plus an extra for one guy is low.

Mathematically, there are only four options Christina's match, so let's see if we can give them a boost...


How Layton could be right for anyone in that house, let alone two different women, is beyond me. Maybe these matchmaking equations they use bank on the contestants continuing to mature. And yet, I have this sneaking suspicion that it is Layton who has two matches. As he said last week, he has a "two-personality side." perhaps Ashley is his perfect match for right now, and he and Christina will be more each other's speed in the future.

Anthony or Dario

Mathematically, Anthony should be all means be paired up with Alex, which I don't totally get because I know literally nothing about Alex except that she is a human woman. But Christina... I can almost see her with Anthony. He seems like the bro-ish party boy who doesn't realize he needs someone a little more earthly to ground him; and she seems like the laidback hippie who needs a bro that needs her, who she can eventually settle down with.

The same thing could be said for Dario but... I just don't see it. Probably because I don't like him.


The main thing I know about Garland is that he's bedded a lot of women. So maybe he's the type of guy that two very different women could fall for. That would be the only way to explain how Jessica, who is definitely his match, and Christina, who is nothing like Jessica, could both possibly be his perfect match

My money is on Layton, and my hope is that MTV pulls a twist at the end where the double-matched women get to take the double-matched guy's prize money... but only if it's Layton.

Images: MTV (4)