It's Jessica, Awkwardly Crawling on Carpet

OMG, you guys! Jessica Simpson posted a semi-awkward photo on Instagram Saturday that featured her sprawled out on her belly, posing suggestively on a beige carpet. The singer/actress/designer may have left a burn hole in the rug; that's how hot it was. The Internet was abuzz over this snap, which showcased Jessica Simpson's signature style and truly captured her essence.

In recent years, her music and film career have taken a backseat to her fashion empire, which raked in nearly a billion dollars in receipts. Simpson, who is the mother of two kids born in back-to-back succession, has said that she "understands" women and what they want, and that's pretty indisputable, since her clothes, shoes, and bags enjoy major sales.

Perhaps that's why this photo had the web talking. Not only does Simpson look terrific after having two children, but she hasn't lost any of the pouty innocence that she displayed on Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica , the reality show on which she starred with first hubby Nick Lachey and which is propelled her to enormous fame over a decade ago.

That sexy but girlish thing she has mastered is on full display in this photo. Here are the five other reasons this photo was such a thing on the web.

1. Her shoulder-skimming platinum locks are so modern. She rocked those big and buttery Texas waves for so long that it was a big deal when she made some tweaks to length and hue. Her fans might take this pic to a stylist to replicate her 'do.

2. Her pose and her stare are decidedly come hither. Simpson is 34 and a mom, but she is still hotter than Vesuvius lava.

3. Can we talk about the outfit itself? I'm dying to get into that boots-leggings-long-sweater combo.

4. If you wear all black, Simpson is your spirit animal here. Even her nails are "blacquered."

5. Her "I love carpet" caption is open to interpretation, with my first thought being that she was quoting Brick Tamland from Anchorman saying things like "I love carpet" and "I love lamp" and professing love for any object in the office. It reminds us that Simpson is goofy, cute, and funny.

Image: Jessica Simpson/Instagram