Tom & Katie's 'Vanderpump' Puppy Is The Cuuuutest

Throughout last Monday’s Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz tried to snuff out a rumor about an alleged motor-boating incident. (And by “motor-boating,” I don’t mean taking an engine-powered watercraft out on a lake.) But that was not the only Katie/Schwartz storyline of the hour, for they also welcomed a new member to their family: At the top of the ep, Tom & Katie adopted a dog named Gordo. (OK technically, Tom Schwartz adopted a dog named Gordo, brought the dog home, and surprised Katie.) After the episode ended, I checked Katie and Tom Schwartz’s Instagram accounts for one thing and one thing only: No, I wasn't looking for evidence pertaining to the motor-boating incident — I wanted to see pics of Gordo, duh.

I was not disappointed.

After last week's ep aired, Gordo's human parents posted some photos and videos of the Vanderpooch. 'Twas Gordo's Internet debut. (Ugh, could you imagine adopting an adorable dog only to be forced to wait months and months before posting pics on social media? Oh, the perils of being on reality TV!)

But that's not all. Gordo Vonfriendenheimer (great name) has his very own Instagram account. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. AUGHHHH, look at that precious underbite:

Gordo in a tie. GORDO IN A TIE:


This video on repeat:

No word on how Giggy feels about the latest canine addition to the Vanderpump cast. I hope he releases an official statement.