Kourtney & Khloe Take Kim Kardashian's Game

The rest of the Kardashian Klan wasn't going to let momager Kris Jenner have all the fun in Kim Kardashian's iPhone game. This month, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are also joining Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Kim K's two sisters announced their arrival on Instagram on Monday by posting pictures of the digitized versions of themselves. "Move over Keeks, we wanna play too," Kourtney captioned her photo.

Unfortunately the buzz over two more members of the family joining is a little premature. Kourtney and Khloe haven't actually been spotted in the game yet, but the new holiday update, which is available on Monday, promises we'll see them soon. "Starting December 12, get 12 days of Christmas Gift Boxes! Collect new holiday items for bonuses during holiday events hosted by Kourtney & Khloe," the app update boasts.

It makes sense that Kim would add her sisters in time for the holiday season because family is really important to her. In her video message that prefaces the update, she gives thanks for being able to have hers near and hopes all her players can spend time with their families too.

It's still unknown what events and quests Kourtney and Khloe will host in the game, but, knowing these crazy sisters, it'll be nonstop fun. Those who gave up playing months ago might want to reinstall the app. This is Kardashian Khristmas y'all and it's going to be great.

Based on Kardashian Christmases past, here's hoping these are the kinds of events players get to participate in starting December 12.

Shoot the Kardashian Christmas Card

This year, the reality TV family denied us their signature shot because they were too "busy" or something. So, if I have to, I'll settle for a digital family Christmas card in the game.

Throw a White Elephant Party

Gotta love seeing all those Kardashians piled on the couch pretending like this is a normal family activity when it's so clearly staged for the cameras. But they do give some good gifts. Remember when everyone wanted that neck fat exercise gadget?

Decorate the Giant Christmas Tree

Everything is bigger in Texas and in the Kardashian household — judging by the tree picture Kendall Jenner posted last year.

Spend Time with the Family

Kim went out of her way to talk about how important it is to spend this holiday with family, so maybe we'll get a Christmas surprise after completing our quests. I'm hoping for the rest of the West/Jenner/Disick clan to show up for a big party. I just really need Scott Disick in my digital life, OK?

Stay tuned to find out what Kourtney and Khloe have in store for us later this week. No matter what it is, it's sure to be fun and probably a little crazy just like them.

Images: eonline (2); Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; giphy