Watch Sarah Silverman Cooking While Stoned

In case every single episode of "My Drunk Kitchen" doesn't make you swoon uncontrollably every time Hannah Hart throws back another glass of wine, turns an adorably flushed, pink color, and attempts to cook food that you know you'd eat no matter how horribly it turned out, prepare yourself for the latest episode of "My Drunk Kitchen," featuring Sarah Silverman, an equally perfect heartthrob. Besides the fact that it features Silverman, this episode is also special because instead of getting adorably and sometimes uncontrollably drunk, the two comedians put a new spin on things and decide to smoke weed, which, as you will be able to guess if you've ever compared drinking and marijuana before, gives the episode an entirely new flavor.

The culinary mission for the episode is veggie pot pie because comedians love puns and also veggie pot pie is delicious. Throughout their journey to the final product, Hart and Silverman share some deep, insightful thoughts on the best kinds of cute animal videos, the tastiness of honey sticks, basketball, and of course the differences between chopping vegetables while high and doing it while drunk. We even get a little lesson about the different types of marijuana strains! The more ya know.

Check out the hilarious video here:

Images: YouTube